Spice Mix Blend for Gyros 550gr

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Spice Mix Blend for Gyros anatoli 550 gr
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Special Spice Mix Blend for Gyros that gives the right and perfect taste to gyros.One of the most important things for the good taste of gyros acxept of the good quality of the meat and oil, is the right spice blend for the meat. It contains 11 different kinds of spices. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Greek gyros?-- In Greece, gyros is a type of fast food. Gyros turns, cooks and becomes a sandwich for hungry passers-by. Why, the upright spit stacked with thin slices of pork that rotates slowly in front of the electric bars or, in rare cases, coals. The heat melts the fat, which drips from the bottom end of the spit, and the fat cone of meat becomes nicely brown and crunchy as it turns --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pita gyros: ?hin strips off the cooked outer surface of the gyros are sharpened. Cut strips of gyros are added to the pita bread (coocked on the grill with litle oil) together with tzatziki (mix of yoghourt,cucumber and garlick), sacks of fried chips, tomato slices, onion rings and sause of your choice. Then the pita is wraped into a fat roll and paper is wraped round it to contain it. The pita gyros is ready and presented with a polite “kali orexi” (bon appétit).

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writes: 19.03.2012
really really good for meat wonderfull taste
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