Rosary - kompoloi from Greek olivewood

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Rosary - kompoloi from Greek olivewood
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• Handmade kompoloi - rosary with 33 wooden beads from Greek olive wood. The unique sound of the olivewood beads is like an instrument of antis tress and relaxation. It is also used for stopping smoking. • It is painted with a mix of a high quality transparent impregnate varnish and a preservative for woods. • Size: <<29.5 long x 0.8 (beads diameter)>> cm or <<11.6 long x 0.3 (beads diameter)>> inches

Olive Wood is a beautiful material that is mentioned time and again in the Bible. Precious and beloved the olive tree of Greeks and the other Mediterranean populations, connected with the rebirth and the light, continues till today to be considered divine gift, symbol of peace, protection and fertility. By the big respect in this tree the olive trees are not cut down and all my items are made from pruning the trees which keeps them healthy.

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